Electrix Tecnologie Sbarrafuoco® Srl (ETS®), is a pioneer in the passive fireproof compartmentalization field. It is an Italian society, leader in the act of developing, producing and selling of a complete series of products, registered with its ‘Sbarrafuoco®’ trademark.

ETS® has also been offering to its clients a service of specialized  laying to install its products. This is done with direct and highly qualified personnel. It gives the chance to propose innovative solutions and building problem solving, always by respecting the new European Standards for fireproof solutions. Electrix also ensures a ‘keys in hand’ service to lay the products, which guarantees to the clients the management of the whole contract, from the supplying until the fulfilling of the necessary forms (ex. compartmentalization mapping, certifications etc.) to obtain the authorization of competent organs (ex. Fire fighters).

ETS® has reached a strong experience in both public and private realities, by collaborating with the major building companies, design  and/or engineering studios, both Italian and international, and by working in the major building sites in Italy in the last decade. Among the services granted by ETS® , preliminary inspections are included, as well as specific solutions for complex s and/or hybrid services, report systems, personalized works executions, plus technical support/advice.

Since many years ETS®  has been taking part as a technical sponsor in Fire Prevention Forum, organized by Antifire Magazine, in collaboration with the <strong>Fire Fighters Department</strong>,  <strong>Public First Aid</strong>,<strong>Civil Defense</strong>  and <strong>Special Permanent Commission for the Security of the National Cultural Patrimony</strong>.

The Forum, that is held in Milan at Studio 90 East End Studios, in via Mecenate 90, is this year seeing ETS® as a technical lecturer of a seminary  titled:

 “A correct planning and estimate of value of the REI compartmentalization of a commission”

These aspects influence the execution of the works, from the planning to the sending of the required form to the Fire Fighters Department. The dangers and the aspects are to be considered for a correct estimate of time and value.

Real example based on ETS® experience for medium and big commissions (between 500 and 12.000 REI compartmentalization).

 Taking part in the event is free, but subscribing is compulsory. You can do it here.

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ETS® is SOA certificated