Electrix Tecnologie Sbarrafuoco® Srl (ETS®), pioneer in passive fireproof compartmentalization, proudly introduces the new Flexy Collar.

Flexy Collar  is an innovative fireproof system for combustible services. The system works as an intumescent collar. Its consistent advantage, compared to other collars, is that it is made of a simple and flexible bandage of intumescent material. The compound is made of graphite, wrapped in a case of fiberglass, highly adaptable. Flexy Collar  is provided with angular iron collars and metallic flanges, with which it is fixed to the wall. It is sold in a length of 3 m and the metallic flanges are provided with it, as well as the flanges in number indicated in the specific space of the description sheet. Flexy Collar can be cut and used according to the customer’s needs. It is certified for pipes up to 160mm of diameter, that can be placed singularly or on multiple pipes laid on vacuums. The product is also certified on raked pipes, that slope up to 50° compared to the crossed wall. Flexy Collar offers the opportunity of an easy and quick compartmentalization by always using the same pack.

ETS® is SOA certificated