September 1, 2017 Structure and Organization
ETS® (Electrix Tecnologie Sbarrafuoco srl), a leader in the field of Passive Fire Protection, has developed a brand new logo. Our motto is “Experience and passion at your service”.


ETS® presents the new logo

“When a company grows, even all the communication it has to grow in the same way. We are a market leader from a technological point of view in this area and for this we have opted for a new logo that is innovative and remember our products. The Logo has lost staticity and is now on the move, so ETS®, a growing and expanding company. The unique character and recognizability of the ETS® brand are now also reflected in the new logo, “explains Cesare Comasini, ETS®‘s General Manager.

The recognizability of the new logo

“A strong brand also deserves a strong logo, which is recognizable. By transferring our technological innovation and our passion to the logo, the ETS® brand will be easily recognizable also to newcomers in the industry. We have decided to give a strong and clear signal to our customers and our suppliers, who perceived the newness, the renewal and the ambition to express through our new logo all the essence of our business”, says Ezio Negri, Commercial Manager ETS®.

All ETS® business communication comes out completely renewed, product datasheets, solution cards, business documents and the new website. The new logo will also be present on all ETS® products and packaging.

“The technical office is an active part of this change, aiming to position ETS® on a steady growth path that will provide customers with innovative products and ever-growing certifications to support quality and reliability of customer service”, comments Maurizio Michelon, ETS® Technical Manager.


Nuovo logo ETS

The new ETS logo


ETS® is on the right path to play a leading role in the non-national market: let us help and expand your horizons with us. ETS®, Experience and Passion at Your Service





ETS® (Electrix Tecnologie Sbarrafuoco® Srl), is a pioneer in the field of passive fire compartments, is a leading Italian company in the development, manufacture and sale of a full range of products with its registered trademark “Sbarrafuoco®“. ETS® also offer to customers the specialized installation service for the installation of their own products, with direct and highly qualified personnel, succeeding in offering innovative solutions and resolution of installation critical issues, always in accordance with the new European standards in the field of fire resistance.

With the turnkey service, ETS® guarantees customers complete contract management, from supply to installation, management and completion of required documentation (eg. compartment mapping, certifications, etc.) to get authorization by competent authority as VV.FF. (Fire Fighters)

Innovative solutions: here is our philosophy

Business philosophy brings ETS® to propose, for years, innovative products and solutions, tested and certified today according to the latest EN1366 standards. The experience gained not only in the development and production of the products but also in the installation of the same, has brought a specific knowledge of the construction site problems, which often show radically different realities as they appear on paper. For this reason, ETS® has increasingly opted for the certification of complex situations rather than simple services, so that it can meet a wider range of real-world job situations.

ETS® has achieved a long experience both in the public and private sectors, in collaboration with major manufacturing/engineering companies, design and/or engineering firms in Italy and abroad, operating in major projects/sites in Italy. Among the services offered by ETS® are also included preliminary pre-requisites, complex solutions and/or hybrid services, customized workflow reporting systems and technical support/consultancy.

This is our mission: “Being recognized as a strategic reference manufacturer and partner for passive fire protection, capable of delivering flexible and quality products and services through a range of state-of-the-art solutions to ensure reliability and reliability”.