Electrix Tecnologie Sbarrafuoco® Srl (ETS®), thanks to the continuous technology innovation, proudly presents a new solution to compartmentalize corrugated pipes.

SLEEVE-60 and SLEEVE-110 are protective products for plastic and corrugated pipes that contain cables. It is designed to be incorporated in the wall after the passage of the pipes. It is necessary to obtain the annular space needed for the passage of the device. Once the space is present, the device has to be longitudinally widened, wrapped around the pipes and closed with the metallic tabs it is provided with. Once the corrugated pipes are enclosed , the device gets pushed towards the wall until it oversteps it.

Foto della nuova Sleeve per fasci di corrugati

EFS News: Protective products for plastic and corrugated pipes Sleeve.

Sleeve is fixed on the wall with intumescent mastic EF AC180 on both sides of the wall, in the parts where the device has a major length compared to the thickness of the wall. The device is made of a stainless steel sleeve of 6/10, containing  intumescent stripes that can quickly expand, when high temperatures of a fire weaken and make the electrical services drain.

ETS® is SOA certificated