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Protective mobile barrier, working against the spread of fire on wall vacuums of maximum 600×600 mm. It is made of fireproof expansive bags ETS® Bags and a slab on vacuums 600×600 mm and 2800×400 mm without asbestos, solvents or other noxious substances, without suffering of disposal in time or in presence of humidity.

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ETS® BAGS are specific bags resistant to fire, studied in order to seal gaps, cables, adits and vacuums in general. They allow the passing of equipments, especially if electric. ETS® BAGS are wrapped in covers of fibreglass cloth, containing a compound of mineral and graphite, which is fireproof and intumescent. This compound, considering the resistance to fire, is incombustible. It does not contain asbestos or solvents, does not emanate toxic gasses or dense fumes. When the heat around increases, at around 200° the content of the bags starts to cohere. The material therefore expands, sealing the vacuums around, avoiding the passage of the flames. At the increasing of temperatures, a series of chimical-physical processes start. Their effect makes the inner structure swell and solidify, realising a highly isolated structures from a thermic point if view, and avoiding the passage of flames and fumes. Their use is recommended when the wireways request frequent interventions or modifications.


ETS® Bags is placed internally and externally of the cable holder passerelle like bricks, staggered or overlapping for 2 cm on the side of 250 mm. The hole on plasterboard wall must be boxed with a single layer of plasterboard, making a frame through which electric passerelles can pass, stemmedd with bags. On slabs angular metallic 40x40x0,8 mm stirrups are fixed. They are placed on the slab intrados with metallic nogs and M5 screw. Successively, the metallic web with 100×100 net, thickness 5 mm, is positioned in the space between the wireways. The placement of the bags must be in a staggered and well crammed way, until the complete occlusion of the vacuum.

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