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ETS®Collar is certified El 60/90/120. It is made of a stainless steel structure, realized with a sheathing of intumescent material. The collar must be wrapped around the pipe, then  closed with fixing tabs and wedged to the wall or to the slab. In case you install a single collar (El 90) or the double collar (El 120), the system must be mainly applied on the fire-oriented side and externally on the wall or compartment slab. The fixing of ETS®Collar to the wall or slab is realized with metallic nogs , whose number depends on how many  fixings can be found on the collar. This quantity is proportioned with the diameter of the pipe to protect.

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ETS®Collar is a waterproof system made of a stainless steel structure, that can be opened to make the setting easy even after the pipe installation. Inside the collar there is a sheathing made of intumescent material, realized with graphite and that can expand at 150 °C, raising his own volume up to 20 times more. In this phase a notable pressure occurs and allows the complete occlusion of the pipe,  so that flames and fumes are blocked.

In case of fire, in fact, plastic materials buckle and burn, leaving an empty space on the construction element. ETS®Collar is able to occlude the space left by the fusion of the service and guarantee the required resistance  to fire for the compartment. This device is certified also for the protection of pipes that pass on the same phorometry. Furthermore, it has  been employed on vacuum crossing that was subsequently  closed with adequate materials, as  specified in the opposite reference sheet of the section “cavity closing”.

Laying (for all ETS®Collar)

Drill and pipe installation
Drill the wall or the slab in order to obtain a hole with a 2-mm larger diameter than the one of  the plastic tube you’re using. Insert PVC, PP, ABS, PE or Geberit in the vacuum an clean the zone where the collar will be applied.

Closing and resistance to fume and gas passage
In case of interstices between the pipe and the wall, it is necessary to occlude them with mastic ETS®Seal   to avoid fumes passage in case of fire.

Pipe cleaning
The expansion of intumescent material in the collar totally occludes the plastic pipes with mechanic action. If tubes are really dirty with mortar residuals, this action gets delayed. It is necessary to clean the surface of the plastic pipes on which ETS®Collar get installed.

Collar installation
Wrap the pipe with the collar, enlarging the iron caisson and close it with the tabs placed at the borders.
Collar must be applied on the side potentially exposed to fire.

Collar  fixing
Once the collar is positioned, fix it to the wall or to the slab with the nogs and screws given. Please do not use plastic anchorage systems in plastic that are not fireproof.
The number of screws vary according to the quantity of fixings present on the collar, which are adapted to the diameter itself.

Please note that the collar works in protecting from fire only if accurately installed.

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