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Light and versatile system to protect the air conditioning spreaders.
ETS® Combo is projected to directly weight on the false celining without causing weight and strains on the structure. The service ensures the keeping of integrity of the false ceiling and its isolation in case of fire.

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The ETS® Combo system is made of a ETS® Light protection and of an intumescent ETS® Collar. These two elements are joined together with a metallic flange that ensures a strong union.
The diameter of the fixed collar varies according to the necessity of the installer. The system simply gets rested on the false ceiling on the hole where the spreader is placed. In case of fire, the spark passes through it and gets stopped by the ETS® Combo and ETS® Collar. This system is cheap and easy to be installed, as it does not need any fixing to the slab. As it only weights 2,5 Kg, it does not weight on the structures of the false ceiling.


Place the ETS® Combo on the plenum between the floor and the false ceiling. Join the flexible pipe to ETS® Combo by making it run through the collar already present on the tool. Install ETS® Combo on the spreader. Pay attention and make ETS® Combo adherent to the estrados of the false ceiling, lodging the warps profiles on the specific nicks with which ETS® Combo is provided.