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ETS® Cover protections provide defense for services that run through and articulate in the REI compartments of whatever nature, aeraulic and other. The positioning of ETS® Cover must be made by surmounting the L- shaped joints, so that no discontinuities are present along the conducted line. Protection must be fixed with ETS® Tape and stainless steel ETS® Steelwire of 1,2 mm2 of diameter. After that, the protection must be wrapped up in spires with wheelbases  of 50 cm. The area to seal in the crossing wall zone has to be stanched with a double panel ETS® Panel, whereas the interstices need to be filled with intumescent mastic ETS® Seal or ETS® Brick. If there are particular and consistent crackings, due to a bad cut of the panel or to irregular surfaces, you need to apply ETS® Strip. This product is an intumescent stripe 20 x 1,5 mm long. After its application along the crackings, they must be closed with ETS® Seal mastic. Hangings must be have a 80 cm pass between each other. In case of insulated metallic pipes of big diameter, seal the annular space between the wall and the tubage. Apply ETS® Cover on both sides of the tubage considering the walling and fix the protective with ETS® Tape and steel thread ETS® Steelwire.

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Fireproof barrier to close the gaps between the fixtures and for the sealing of fireproof structures, made with the use of the protective ETS® Paste. Amianthus free, without solvents or other noxious toxic substances, it id characterized by a great adherence and compactness. It does not suffer of deterioration in time or in presence of humidity.
Use the series of ETS® Paste-BA or ETS® Paste-BB following the producer’s instructions and the certifications that you have.

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