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Compartmentalization for wireways with cables, done with the use of ETS® Bags and polyurethanic froth, fireproof and expansible. The system, given the combination of these two products, offers a EI 120 resistance in case of fire on electric passageways with cables on slab or wall.

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ETS® Foam is a monocompounded expansive froth, used to seal the crossings on wireways that lodge cables, previously comparted with ETS® Bags. The product is certified as a synergistic for ETS® Bags on slab, but the good features of the product make its use good on walls, when interstices are present. ETS® Foam must be used to close the interstices of small dimensions, present between the ETS ® Bags. They are, in fact, the most versatile protectives and the facility of their laying is their main feature. However, crackings between the bags often occur and can be dangerous in case of fire. It is estimated that the first reaction to the bags happens when the temperature reaches 200 °C. Therefore, the employment of ETS® Foam is requested, because it avoids the danger of hot fumes and flames passing through the interstices before the expansion of the bags. The volume increases for around 20 litres.


Clean the passageways surfaces from dust and detritus. Lay ETS® Bags and successively fill the interstices with ETS® Foam. Insert the supplying jet. Shake strongly the can for 30 seconds. Turn it upside down and supply the quantity needed to fill the interstice.
Working temperature: +5°C and + 25°C