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Protection with fireproof ETS® Grid for crossing with wireways along the trail of the crossing. It has a starting expansion of 120° and continues its process of intumescence at 200°. In these conditions, ETS® Grid reaches a volume ten time its thickness. ETS® Grid is made of a latex web covered with intumescent materials, without toxic or nocious substances. It has the aim of protecting the electric platform with its cables. It ensures the functioning of all the engines that they furnish (emergency lights and signs, sound signalling systems, fumes extractors ecc.) and that are necessary to guarantee the exodus of people in case of fire.

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Price considered per 1,5 m2


ETS® Grid is a latex web, treated with insulating fireproof cover. While in use, the properties of the installed cables keep their conductive features for a long period after being exposed to fire. In case of fire ETS® Grid starts its expansion at 120° and continues up to 200°, where it reaches its maximum intumescence. The product expands 10 times its thickness. This tool allows the protection of the cables in the wireway, avoiding the diffusion of halogenous gasses that would propagate with combustion. The good functioning of the system depends also on the typology of the cables, that should necessarily provided with qualities that would not diffuse the flame.The web fixing is done with reopenable steel clips. The product weights Kg 1 ,7/m2.
If ETS® Grid is laid in wall crossing or on a compartmentalized slab, it is necessary to carry on the bandaging of the platform up to a level of security on the opposite side of the compartmentalization. 1 linear m is suggested.


ETS® Grid is a flexible product, easy to install without using specific tools. To install it, it is sufficient to wrap a layer of web around the wireway and overlap it for 4 cm. If the distance between the pipes and the web is more than 4 cm, it is necessary to insert a stripe of web in the wireway. Successively, fix the web with specific clips. Use one each 25 cm.

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