ETS® LIGHT - ETS Sbarrafuoco


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System for the protection of illuminating elements on false ceilings REI 120. It is made of a cover in mineral fibre to ensure the keeping of the false ceiling integrity and its isolation in case of fire.

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ETS® Light is a group of covers for illuminating elements, made of mineral fibres. It is projected to ensure the keeping of the false ceiling integrity, as well as its isolation in case of fire. It is avalaible in different sizes and dimensions, in order to satisfy the highest number of employment conditions. Nearby semi-rigid versions there are smooth ones that, thanks to their flexiblity, can be easily installed and adapted to situations with limited access.
The lightness of the product reduces the weights on the false ceiling and knocks down the manpower costs compared with the classic plasterboard box built on site.
Thanks to its high thermic isolation, ETS® Light contributes to avoiding the spread of flames, as well as to minimalizing the increasing of temperature in the air space between the false ceiling and the slab. Its action saves the integrity of the supporting structure.


1)Seize firmly the extensions of the metallic thread given and reel the protection in a cylinder shape;
2)Place the extension through the hole in the false ceiling;
3)Cut the metallic extensions in excess;
4)When the protection is correctly placed on the vacuum, install the light.

NB: A possible transformer of the illuminating system must be placed externally to the F109-2xx protection.