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Wall protection for metallic pipes with insulating material and copper pipes with or without the insulating compound. It can be applied by laying a single layer of flexible mattress, made of mineral fibres for high temperatures, with high resistance to fire. The product is wrapped in aluminium adhesive film. Its closing is done by making the borders collimate and by fixing them with ETS® Tape. The protective is further blocked with binders in stainless iron ETS® Steelwire and pulled with pincers. The interstices to seal in the crossing must be filled with compound ETS® Paste. The laying of ETS® Rock can be done in two ways:
1) By crossing the wall, so that a minimum lenght of 400 mm on both sides is guaranteed.
2) By having it splitted, on both sides of the wall, for a minimum lenght of 400 mm per each side.
This laying can be made on passageways (passage of pipes in battery).
The passageways must have previously been compartmentalized with two products in combination: ETS®Panel and ETS®Paste.

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ETS® Rock is a protective for metallic and copper pipes, with or without insulating material, with a 20 mm thickness. It is a flexible needlefished mattress made of mineral fibres for high temperatures, highly resistent to fire, and it is wrapped in an aluminium adhesive film. The protective must be placed on the wall crossing with a single layer. It must come out from both sides of the wall. Otherwise, it can be splitted and applied on both sides for a lenght of 400 mm each. It can be easily cut and modelled, as well as closed with aluminium adhesive tape ETS® Taper. ETS® Rock is certified according to the EN1366-3 standard for metallic and copper pipes protection, when placed on the crossing of EI compartmentalizations. This is done because metallic pipes can easily cause fires, by the transmission of heat along the metallic device or by melting the insulating material of the pipe itself. ETS® Rock can be used on walls on which passageways are realised to let several pipes pass through. In this case, the passageway must be restored with ETS® Paste and successively ETS® Panel must be added.


Clean the pipes from possible deposits from previous building processes or other. Calculate the development of the radius of the pipe (C=2TI x  r). ETS® Rock must be laid in a single layer, making the borders coll imate and by fixing them with aluminium adhesive tape ETS® Tape. The interstices to seal in the crossing wall area must be filled with ETS® Paste. Laying and measures must be done as it follows:
To guarantee a EI120 protection:
For pipes up to 3″  with insulating material, it is possible to split the protective by installing ETS® Rock on the wall. It has to be done on both sides, for about 400 mm of lenght. If the pipes pass through the passageway, it has to be restored with a double ETS®Panel and with ETS® Paste. The pipes must successively be bandaged for 400 mm on both sides of the wall. It is alternatively possible to first protect the pipes without interruptions (even in the passageway area) and then temp the passage in the described way.

ETS®Rock is also certified to protect metallic pipes with insulating material and placed in batteries next to plastic pipes in PE, protected by ETS® Sleeve. In the certified passageway there are also electrical passages protected by ETS® Cable Box or ETS® Panel. Instructions, as written in the detailed sheets, show the details of the parameters compared to one another (maximum size of the pipes, size of the passageway, requirements for EI to be obtained). Once the pipes protected, lay ETS® Paste between the pipes. Let it deposit between the interstices and carry on the laying all over the pipes. Obtain a block and a flat surface with ETS® Paste. The left major space of the passageway is closed with  ETS®Panel, that has to be posed on both sides of the wall. The panel can also be obliquely laid, when necessary (please evalute the amount of space and measures at your disposal). Finish by filling possible other crackings with ETS® Paste. The laying of  ETS® Rock, when certified as splitted, (when notcrossing the wall), also includes the possibility of being applied as splitted (according to the standards). This is done when the protection of pipes comes before the closing of the passageway (a treatment that is possibly done by another operator).

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