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Use intumescent mastic ETS® Seal-Pro to seal the interstices and every empty space up to 1 cm thickness between the services or between the services and building support. It must be done when they are thought to be dangerous in case of fire, as well as where requested and certified by the producer.

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Intumescent mastic ETS® Seal-Pro is certified on corrugated electric pipes containing cables. Available in filters, it contains graphite, which is highly sensitive to heat. It must be applied on both sides of the pipes that cross the wall. Corrugated tested pipes contain cables of 10 mm2 and the crossing can contain two corrugated pipes of 25 mm, coupled on the same hole. The passage can therefore have a maximum size of 60×30 mm. The protection of wall corrugated pipes is necessary, since they can cause the sparkle in case of fire, whenever it is due to the melting of the plastic part or to the thermic conduction of the copper part the cable.
ETS® Seal-Pro is part of a series of non-toxic products that are also uncombustible, odourless, without absentos or solvents. It does not emanate toxic or dense fumes. When dried, ETS® Seal-Pro is not hygroscopical and not aggressive on materials that constitute the external case of cables, on the metallic cable frame and/or on fireproof structures. This ensures a good adhesion on building and mechanical supports. In case of fire this product rapidly expand, occluding the hole left by the plastic pipe, through which the fire could pass.


Clean the crossing from dust and rumble to improve the adhesion of the product. Fill the interstices with mastic by using the filter and down to 25 mm for both sides of the wall. The corrugated pipes will consequently be soaked in the product.