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Use intumescent mastic ETS® Seal to seal the interstices and every empty space up to 1 cm thickness between the services or between services and building support. It has to be done when they are thought to be dangerous in case of fire, as well as where predicted and certified by the producer.

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The series of Intumescent Mastic ETS® Seal embraces a big number of water based sealings, that can be used in the most various conditions. They are certified by Electrix Tecnologie Sbarrafuoco in combination with other products used to seal holes, small interstices or to protect different crossings.
Depending on the certifications possessed, it can be used on wall, slabs, to close joints and to protect mechanic, electric and aeraulic passages.
ETS® Seal is a series of non-toxic, uncombustible, odourless products, that do not contain absentos or solvents. They do not emanate toxic or dense fumes. They are thixotropic and with a low content of water. They do not assault the materials of the cable cases, of the metallic cables frames and the fireproof structures, and they still guarantee a good adhesion to building and mechanic supports.
This is a serie of products to use in combination with other items realised by Sbarrafuoco, such as the rocky wool panels ETS® Panel. In case of fire these products intumesce, with different grades of expansion, and adhere to services that buckle under the action of heat, leaving crackings through which fire can spread.


Clean the crossing from dust and rumble to improve the adhesion of the product. Fill the interstice with mastic using a paddle or a filter (depends on the packet you bought) down to 10 mm. In the electric raceways mastic must be applied on about 200 mm along the cables ,on both sides, so that an uncombustible barrier is formed.