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Protection of corrugated pipes with cable on wall, obtained by applying ETS® Strip on both sides of the pipe on wall crossing. It is necessary to successively seal it by using ETS® Seal mastic. Corrugated pipes that can be protected have a diameter between 25 and 32 mm, as well as the cables of 10 mm2 inside them.

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ETS® Strip is a protective for electric corrugated pipes containing cables. It is a flexible bandage made of a layer of graphite, highly sensitive to heat. It is 2mm thick and 20 mm large. It must be placed on both sides of the pipe crossing the wall.ETS® Strip is certified according to EN1633-3 standard, for single corrugated pipes installed on wall and their protection. This is done as they can cause the starting of a fire by fusing the plastic or by conducting heat on the copper part of the cable.


Wrap ETS® Strip in a double layer around the corrugated pipe on both sides of the wall crossing, until inserting it in the vacuums, on the double plasterboard sheets of 12,5 mm each. After that, seal counter-wall with mastic ETS® Seal, anchoring ETS® Strip to its position and avoiding the protection displacements caused by subsequent movements. Let it drain. Tested corrugated pipes contain cables of a diameter between 10 mm2 and the tested diameter varies from 25 to 32 mm.

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