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Install ETS® E-Box for the comparted gaps, previously made to lodge the wall-integrated junction boxes. By using ETS® E-Box, you requalify a discontinuity: in case of fire the plastic part, that contitutes the electrical integrated system, fuses and leaves a dangerous cavity. Insert FS during the building of the plasterboard fireproof walls, right on the connection with the junctions boxes. Protections must contain the junction box, while the corrugated pipes connected to it run through the protection itself, leaving ETS®Strip at their extremities. Alternatively, insert S150E in the junction box, before installing the electric devices that are necessary  for a good functioning of the electrical system.

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ETS® E-Box protections are a protective system against fire, realised for electrical systems integrated on a wall. In case of fire, the system guarantees the integrity of the plasterboard wall, protecting it from the fusion of the junction box.  ETS® E-Box ensures protection on the spot that has mostly been invalidated by fire, avoiding the passage of fumes and flames.
Protections have different features that depend on their model.
FS is a certified protection of the maximum size of 540x440x75 mm. It is therefore possible to customize every other protection of inferior size. Corrugated pipes will be lodged on the previously made holes, with a previous application of intumescent ETS® Strip (20×1,5 mm) on the introduced extremities.
These protective items must be considered and applied during the realisation of the wall.
S150E is, conversely, a certified protective product that works on a maximum size of 196×152 mm. Protectives have to be placed on the internal parts of the boxes. Therefore, they can be installed without removing anything , once the wall finished.


Drill the plasterboard wall in order to create a hole of 540X440X75 mm. The thickness of the wall sides contributes to the content of the junction boxes. Insert FS in the wall and successively anchor it to the piers of the internal structure. Drill adequate holes on the sides of the protection, according to the diameter of the corrugatred pipes. Lodge them on the hole obtained, with a previous application of intumescent ETS®Strip topping on the inserted extremities. As an alternative, you can insert S503E, S506E or S150E in the box, before inserting the devices that provide a good functioning of the electrical system.

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