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ETS® Panel is a barrier against fire for electrical equipment and for sealing the fire barrier on rostrum and cable crossings. It is made of rocky wool panels (density 150kg/ mc), pre-treated with mastic of 50 mm thickness. It does not contain solvents or asbestos and it is not affected by disposal in time or in presence of humidity. The cables must be covered with intumescent ETS® Seal for at least 200mm on both sides of the panel, as well as on all the interstices created by treatment and the next positioning of ETS® Panel.

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ETS® Panel is an extremely versatile and economic solution to seal horizontal or vertical gaps. It can be used to close vacuums containing different services, such as pipes, cable holder rostrums, fireproof doors ecc. or to close dilatation joints and in general where there is need of a barrier against fire, heat and fumes. The product allows a good acoustic isolation.
ETS® Panel is made of a special material based on rocky wool (density 150kg/ mc), wrapped in ETS® SEAL for around 2 mm thickness. This panel, ready to be applied, gives the most economic formula for stemming big dimensions crossings. On this kind of crossings, protecting considerable vacuums and avoid the propagation of fire is higly necessary.
Without solvents or asbestos, it avoids the risk of fire or injury during the installation.
It can be removed completely or partly. It allows, with great facility, a further adding of cables.
All stoppings with equipement crossings are generally cerified with ETS® Panel, applied in double layer (see dedicated sheet). When the heat increases, the intumescent material reacts chemically and physically, realising the stopping of fire and fumes for which the product is studied.


Cover the opening border on wall to protect with a layer of ETS® Seal for a thickness of 1-2mm.
Mark out the border of the rostrum and of the cables on the panel ETS® Panel. Successively cut this in the measure required to close the crossing.
Verifiy the retailed shapes by laying them on the vacuum, correcting and making necessary fretworks.
Apply a layer of ETS® Seal with a paddle on the panel border for a thickness of 1-2mm.
After having carefully positioned the panels with a paddle, apply the mastic in all stemmed points, the joints, the interstices and between the cables on the crossing. The mastic must be especially applied for around 200mm of lenght on cables on both sides, in order to form an incombustible fireproof barrier.

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