Fire protection for combustible plastic pipes which cross walls with fire compartmentalization, thanks to the use of ETS® Flexy Stripe. The protective must be installed around combustible services, perfectly adherent to them, and pushed in the cavity. It is then necessary to seal the left cracking with ETS® Seal, which also guarantees the fixing of the product.

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ETS® Flexy Stripe is an innovative fireproof system, destined to protect combustible pipes. The system is made of a flexible bandage, made of intumescent and graphite-based material. The bandage is contained in a fibreglass web that is highly adaptable. To install ETS® Flexy Stripe, a space of at least 6mm is needed around the pipe. Once set up, the service works as an intumescent collar. Its fixing is done by applying ETS® Seal mastic to seal the left crackings. The application must be done on both sides of the wall. The remarkable advantage of ETS® Flexy Stripe is that it is a versatile system, provided in an uninterrupted length of 3m. More than that, it is gets cut by the operator who uses it, according to his necessities. The product is certified for pipes having 110mm of diameter, laid singularly on their own dedicated hole.
ETS® Flexy Stripe gives the opportunity of an easy and quick compartmentalization, with the advantage that the same pack is always at your disposal.


ETS® Flexy Stripe has the same function as the collars. The main characteristic of ETS® Flexy Stripe is the use of the annular space between the pipes and the hole realised on the building support. ETS® Flexy Stripe is wrapped around the pipes by making a single lap. Its use is particularly convenient when the size needed is cut from the main roll. The residual annular space is sealed with ETS® Seal.