Electrix Tecnologie Sbarrafuoco® Srl (ETS®), proudly presents the new grill EF Grille.

”EF Grille” is a stout certified grid that allows the airing of fireproof rooms. It measures 215x260x40 mm. It has to be double installed, opposite to border of both sides of the wall. The system is certified on plasterboard wall of 125 mm thickness, in double sheet of 12,5 mm each and pier of 75 mm. The hole in which the protective is lodged must be necessarily staged with normal plasterboard of 12, 5 thickness.

Foto della nuova griglia EF Grille

EFS News: metallic grid covered with intumescent material EF Grille.

EF Grille is a solid product that can be handled without specific precautions, as it is made of a metallic grid covered with highly functioning intumescent material.

ETS® is SOA certificated