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ETS® Brick are certified for closing passageways that were previously protected with  ETS® Cover, as requested by the EN1366-5 standard.
The aim of the product is to stem the annular space between the protection on the services and the construction support.

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ETS® Brick products are made of intumescent material, realised with mineral fibres and graphite. They have a density of 200 kg/m3 and are wrapped in PVC cover.
In case  of  fire,  when the surrounding heat increases, at around 150°C the products start to expand and fill the existing interstices. Their expansion  avoids the passage of fumes and flames. Their most frequent employment involves the closing of gaps that are generated between the hole obtained on the wall and, for exemple, the services that have to be compartmentalized.


Clean the surfaces on which ETS®Brick will be installed. Cut the ETS® Brick by using a cutter. Please note that the cutter has to be as long as the the size of the hole you will close. Place the previously cut material and compact it properly.

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