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ETS® I-Wrap is a fireproof stripe for PVC, PE, PP and corrugated pipes with electric cables, generally located in fire prevention compartments. The product is made of intumescent stripes, without toxic or noxious substances. It must be applied between the hole of the building support and the pipes. ETS® I-Wrap is to be employed on dedicated passageways and on vacuums stemmed with no cemetitious compound ETS® Paste.

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ETS® I-Wrap is a fireproof system made of pre-formed intumescent stripes with great power of expansion. Under the heat action (around 150°/170°), it guarantees a perfect sealing of the pipes or corrugated pipes running through passageways. This is done by ensuring their obstruction, in order to stop fire and fumes. ETS® I-Wrap guarantees a fire resistance EI120, both on delicate passageways and vacuums stemmed with no cementitious compound ETS® Paste.


ETS® I-Wrap has the same function of the collars. The main feature is the employment of the annular space between the pipe and the previously made hole on the building support. ETS® I-Wrap gets wrapped around the pipes, making one or more laps. This depends on the diameter of the pipes and the size of the hole. Its employment is practical in combination with ETS® Paste, strained in the vacumm where the plastic pipes are lodgedand that has been previously covered with ETS® I-Wrap around the pipes.

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